January 15, 2021

Choosing Your AP Course: AP English Language and AP Microeconomics

Have you ever wondered why people who are very smart do not use their incredible intellect as entrepreneurs to make tons of money? After all, the more intelligent someone is, the better decisions they should make, and therefore, the better they will be in business. Interestingly enough, it turns out not to be that way, once they get over 150 IQ, the business world and the giant money paper chase, seems like a game which is not worth playing. How so you ask? Let me explain.

Not long ago, I was talking to just such an Microeconomics For Today 9th Edition PDF , an acquaintance of mine, and he told me; “I hate the business world and the entire game in general.” This is a fascinating observation, and having been a business person all my life, I somewhat agree with what he say in many regards, so I told him; “Well, as long as you understand it’s just a game, you are half way to understanding the reality,” and the reality is it is indeed one of the best games in town. And the scoreboard is called your bank account.Related image

Still, when it comes to business endeavors, and running a business, selling a product, or trying to move the ball down the field in the world of business, my high IQ friend stated; “Most things just seem petty to me,” as he continued to speak on entrepreneurial endeavors, and growing a business. Indeed, all too often, that’s true. And yet, providing goods and services to those who desire to purchase them, is truly giving back to the world. You are providing something for other people, you are doing your part, and you are needed.

For instance, consider that everything you see, everywhere you go was either produced, delivered, made, sold or installed by a company and behind each one of those companies was an entrepreneur or business person. So whereas, it may seem petty, sometimes it makes sense to look behind the curtain, to fully understand the game. Those with high IQs who do indeed choose to play, often end up doing quite well. Please consider all this.

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