September 27, 2020

How Mandy’s Anxiety Caused a Sty on Her Eye

For the last six years, Mandy had been experiencing strange bumps on her eyelids. The first time it occurred, she went and got it properly checked out at the eye doctor, who told her that it was a benign cyst, and that there were three ways of dealing with it:

  • Way one: get it cut out by surgery (which he wisely didn’t recommend)
  • Way two: place a hot compress on it 2-3 times a day, to encourage it to drain
  • Way three: wait it out. It should disappear by itself in a few months’ time.Image result for Eye Massagers

Mandy was a busy mother best eye massagers her hands’ full, so she went for ‘way three’, and waited for the lump to disappear. It took three years.

She breathed a sigh of relief when it finally disappeared out of her life, but her happiness was short-lived: barely a year later, a new bump appeared, this time on her other eyelid.

After a few months of waiting for that one to disappear as well, she decided to come and visit me, to get some more clues as to why the bumps kept appearing in the first place.

I invited Mandy to come for a meridian MOT, so we could actually see first hand what might be underneath the mysterious bumps. Two meridians came up: Stomach, and Kidney.

Mandy’s Kidney meridian was chronically weak, which indicated she’d been in state of some deep-seated fear or anxiety for quite a while. Amongst other things, the Kidney meridian provides the energetic ‘juice’ for the eyes. The Stomach meridian is associated with day-to-day worries and stresses, and it goes straight through the eyeballs – in fact, straight through the mysterious ‘bumps’ that had appeared on Mandy’s eyelids.

I showed her some simple, easy exercises involving massaging the bone around her eye socket with her finger, and then palming the eyes, and rubbing the K-27 Kidney points under her clavicle, to shoot the necessary ‘juice’ up to her eyes.

Two weeks’ later, the bump started to shrink.

Interestingly, as she massaged her eye socket, Mandy started to realize just how much stress was gathering in that area of her face – it was initially very painful to massage, and it took a good week before the pain started to reduce.

She discovered that her daily eye massage was a good diagnostic tool which showed her how much stress or worry she was feeling. When it was very painful, she knew she was stressing a lot, and needed to talk to G-d more about what was going on in her life, and to include Him in her problems.

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