January 22, 2021

Things You Should Know Before Investing in Golden Visa Greece

If you are planning to move to Greece, you might be aware of the fact that this country is a member ofthe European Union. This place is widely known for unique geostrategic and geographical positions. At the same time, it is a leading country in terms of energy distribution, transport, and trading. Greece connects Central and Southern Europe to Middle and Far East.

Greece is known for its wonderful cultural and historical heritage. People love to visit this place time and again for its mild Mediterranean climate and stunning natural beauty. Greece comprises around 1400 islands, and it is rated high among few top-rated tourist destinations.

What is the golden visa Greece program?

As per the social and immigration Integration Code, the citizens that belong to the countries located outside of the European Union are given a chance to invest in real estate property in Greece. The estimated minimum investment amount to obtain a legal residence permit in Greece is 250,000. You will be happy to hear that unlike most other countries, regulations in Greece allow investment in multiple properties. They can be utilized for commercial or residential needs. Also, as per the Schengen agreement, the investor gains direct access to the European markets. However, this access remains for the duration of fewer than 90 days every 6 months. Moreover, an individual for golden visa Greece can avail an easy access to the national education and health system.

Who can avail of the benefits of the Golden Visa Greece program?

It is important to mention that this visa is initially granted for around 5 years, and then it can be renewed as well. The visa generally covers the investor, his spouses, children below the age group of 21, and parents. There is no restriction over the minimum stay after acquiring a visa.

This program is usually intended for:

  • Third-country citizens, having real estate property in Greece. The rule applies to both company shareholders and those who own any private property. The total worth of property, in this case, must be €250,000.
  • Third-country citizens owning a property with the estimated worthof at least €250,000in Greece; it can be a parental provision or a gift as well.
  • Third-country citizens that have a leasing agreement of at least 10 years and are operating some tourist resorts, hotels, or furnished dwellings. The property value in the agreement must be written more than €250,000.
  • Third-country citizens that either wants to settle, own a visa, or live in Greece permanently. The program is applicable to all those who purchased real estate property before law enforcement in the country.
  • Applicable to family members of any of the above citizens.

If you are ready to take benefits of the Golden Visa Greece program, we advise you to take help from some experienced professionals. It is good to get some legal support to complete the task so that you can fulfill the criteria with ease. Soon you will be able to avail of several benefits of the Golden Visa program.



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