To the Point – The Importance of Needle Selection

Picking the right needle plays a big role in machine quilting. like thread breakage, skipped stitches, undesirable stress and such, are merely the result of choosing the incorrect needle for the quilting work at hand. A little bit of knowledge about needles can preserve a good deal of strife.

At 1st glance, a needle appears to be a sharp thing with a hole in it for the thread. Appear closer and you will see that a needle is produced of much a lot more:

o The shank is the portion that goes into the machine,

o The shaft is how thick the needle is,

o There is a scarf which is a minor indent in the back again of the needle where the sew is formed,

o The groove on the front hugs or safeguards the thread as it goes by means of cloth (or quilt).

Needle dimensions assortment from 60/8, which is extremely fantastic up to one hundred twenty/19, which is large and hefty obligation. Bear in mind, the decrease the quantity the smaller sized the eye and the finer the needle and the higher the variety the larger the eye and the thicker the needle.

Before producing your needle choice you need to just take into account what thread you will use (is it thick, thin, rough or easy) and then what the needle will be pushing by means of (fat and variety of fabric, appliqué).

If you have issues when device quilting think about the subsequent needle suggestions:

Quilting needles have a very skinny position and are the greatest selection for basic quilting.

Denims/Denim needles are quite robust needles with a very stiff shaft (for toughness), a quite sharp level and a slender eye. This needle is a good option if you will be quilting via anything extremely thick and/or appliqué pieces that have utilised Vliesofix to bond them to the quilt leading.

Embroidery needles operate with embroidery threads (i.e. rayon threads, and so forth.) The needle has a massive eye and a specially developed scarf for these very threads.

Metafil / Metallica needles are intended for metallic threads. Decide on this needle if your thread has a tough texture. Does the texture of the thread feel lumpy or bumpy? If so this needle type is the excellent choice as the eye is quite big and is Teflon-coated to end friction.

Topstitch needles are ideal for the heavier bodyweight threads and when all else fails! This needle is extra sharp, the eye is quite long and the front groove is deep. Obtaining a extremely extended eye means that the needle shaft is not necessarily thick and as a result does not set massive holes in the quilt.

If your quilting stitches never have a high quality search about them or you have breakage, skipped stitches, tension problems, and so forth – it might be as easy as shifting the needle you use!

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