October 1, 2020

Visa Application — Austria


You will need to submit your family reunion application form to the German Embassy or consulate in your home country. However, the latter requirements do not apply if the parent holds a Blue Card, a settlement permit or a residence permit for humanitarian purposes. If you want to move to Germany to join a family member or spouse, a German family reunification visa will allow you to live and work in Germany.

Please note that the minimum processing time of a visa application is 15 Working Days (but may take up to 60 days). Consequently, the applicants are requested to apply well in advance to the intended date of journey.

If you and your spouse are planning to remain outside the US indefinitely, it is not recommended that you apply for a Green Card. The Green Card could be cancelled at the Port of Entry to the US if you have spent more than six months outside of the US. The Immigration Officer at the Port of Entry will have to determine if the US is your main home, so be prepared for a lot of questions.

Our recommendation is not to apply for a permit to visit under such circumstances. Take along your passport and the originals of the documents you submitted with your application. During the interview you will need to answer questions about your relationship with the uk marriage visa person in Sweden. If you have submitted an application for a residence permit that has not yet been decided on, please do not submit a new online application. Instead, contact the Swedish Migration Agency if you want to provide additional information in the case.

See the required photo format explained in Photograph Requirements.

Thousands of applicants each and every week successfully submit their visa applications withouta lawyer.

In the letter, your family member should explain their motives of joining you in Germany and for how long they plan to stay here.

Foreign spouses of Sri Lankan Citizens and their dependents are eligible for this visa.

The IND checks whether you and your partner meet all the conditions required for the residence permit.

Sponsoring your spouse, partner or dependent child

The waiting time in your case will not be shortened if you make a new online application. If you have children under 18 years of age who will be accompanying you to Sweden, you can apply for a residence permit for them at the same time.

Please note that a family member of an EU or EEA citizen who fall under the scope of the Directive 2004/38/EC pay an application fee for Schengen visa. You will need toregister every family member with the residence registration office and the Aliens Authority. When you go, you’ll need to take your passports and other documents relating to your own situation, for example, birth certificates, a marriage certificate or civil partnership documentation, salary slips, tax certificates and tenancy agreements.

Once the visa petition is approved, the foreign-born spouse will receive a packet from the National Visa Center (NVC), which is located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The packet includes certain documents requesting biographic data that must be completed, signed and forwarded to the U. S. Usually, the foreign-born spouse is interviewed and granted an immigrant visa within three to six months. Please check first if the US Embassy accepts Immigrant Visa Petitions.

We will make our decision concerning the matter that is most favourable to you. Your application for a residence permit to move in with someone may be denied if you also request one to visit while in Sweden. You will need to await a decision concerning the application that is most favourable to you if you are not in Sweden. As a result, the period during which you would like to visit may have passed by time we make a decision.

The decision on extension or refusal to extend the temporary residence permit shall be made at the latest 10 days prior the expiry of the validity term of the temporary residence permit. The residence card shall be issued at the Service Office named on the application form. At the same time, the foreign-born spouse, assuming he or she entered the U. S. lawfully, should submit an application for adjustment of status (form I-485), which is an application for a green card.


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