January 23, 2021

Why you should get interviewed on podcasts

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Podcasting has become a mainstream medium of communication. Most business people have started using them for marketing themselves. These days it has gone a notch higher as podcast features interviews from people experienced in a niche. There are a few benefits of being interviewed on podcasts. This article outlines some of them.

Podcasts will expose you to the target audience. They tend to reach only your intended audience. Most people will not mind listening to an interview of thirty or so minutes so long as it adds some value to their lives. Therefore, if you get interviewed in a podcast, you will undoubtedly reach very many people.

You also get to build good working relationships with influencers in your industry. It is essential to note the importance of influencers in the marketing world. Being interviewed on their podcasts will provide an excellent opportunity to start working with them. Also, they will refer you to other influencers who will interview you and slowly but steadily, your brand grows.

A podcast generally takes a short time to make as compared to taking hours writing an article for your website. Podcasts take between 30 to 45 minutes which is a lot of time for you to engage your audience and make sure they get something meaningful from your interview. Therefore, it is a great way to save on time while still providing your listeners with tons of informative content.

Podcasts increase the number of visitors on your website. Once you get interviewed, the podcast is marketed together with a link to your site. People with interests in your niche will undoubtedly click on the link to your website to learn more. Through that, the numbers on your website will increase and also you can make more sales in your industry.

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